Summer Subscription Sign Up!


Support your local artisan bread baker with a Summer Subscription and we will reserve a loaf a week for you through the end of July.

Pick-up is at the bakery at 109 W Main St. in Starkville every Wednesdays 11:00 am – 6:00 pm beginning May 11th and running 12 weeks through July27th.

The cost is $7 per week for a total of $84 plus tax for the full 12 weeks. If spaces remain open you can sign up any time and pay for however many weeks remain.

Here is the proposed schedule of bread (note: the baker reserves the right to change things up when the mood strikes and the subscriber reserves the right to trade their bread for any bread available on the shelf.)

  1. May 11th – Multi-Grain Whole Wheat
  2. May 18th – Roasted Potato Bread
  3. May 25th – Semolina Bread with Toasted Sesame
  4. June 1st – 5-Grain
  5. June 8th – Pain Au Levain
  6. June 15th – Sunflower Seed with Rye Sourdough
  7. June 22nd – Rustic Type 85 Bâtard
  8. June 29th – Kalamata Olive Levain
  9. July 6th – Caramelized Onion Bread
  10. July 13th – Whole Wheat with Toasted Oats
  11. July 20th – Flax Seed Rye
  12. July 27th – Baker’s Choice!

Sign up is easy: visit or come and see us at the bakery on Main St.

If we fill up we will consider adding another pick-up day, but for now Wednesday is the day! Saturdays you can find us at the Starkville Community Market 7:30 am – 10:30 am.

Thanks for your support!