First Test Batch of Baguettes

A few more giant steps forward this weekend. With the plumbing finally completed and the sinks in place I was ready to put the bakery through its paces. The maiden voyage of my spiral mixer went smoothly, although I can tell it will get even better with larger batches.

My work table is on backorder, so I had to divide and shape baguettes hunched over a folding table. Not ideal, but it worked. The new stones in the oven heated up nicely. The only piece still missing is the steam generator, hopefully shipping this week, so I am still manning the oven with a squirt bottle in hand just like I do at home. The end result was very respectable!


At the end of the day, Becky and I took a walk up Main Street with a basket of baguettes and shared them with everyone we passed. Hopefully we will see them again in a few weeks!

We are gearing up for the first Community Market on Saturday May 2nd, then opening the bakery on the following week!